It's Time!

I'm finally ready to dive!

In about two weeks I'll start the classes for getting my open water certification.

That should make for a few good posts...


Tonight's Movie Is....

Drop Zone Fiji.
The Drop Zone Fiji is the ultimate dive and surf film which follows professional surfers on the adventure of a lifetime. The film documents professional surfers Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson and Holly Beck, Maria Gonzalez as they surf legendary breaks, dive pristine waters and immerse themselves in the Fijian culture.


Parrothead Party

For the second year (that I'm aware of) one of our long-term, re-tread, fun-loving islanders has pulled off a great Jimmy Buffet Parrothead party including coconut bowling, Land Shark beer and a ton of fun. The only rule; don't show up if your not dressed the part.


Stunning Sunsets

We have been getting some phenomenal sunsets lately......


Rusty Family Triatholon

A few weeks ago was the annual Kwajalein Rustman Triathlon. I had several friends that completed that event and it was very inspiring to say the least. Just last week though, they held the annual Rusty Family Triathlon which is a half marathon. Most of the participants in this event are younger but equally impressive. It was great to see so many folks out being healthy and fit!

Nice job everyone!


The Coasties Are Here!

Every so often we get ships in for fueling. Sometimes Navy, NOAA, and sometimes Coast Guard. I've been hearing about their arrival for days and didn't really think about it much but there are a lot of people here that get excited to see new faces on island and really look forward to these events.

The ship visiting the weekend is the Coast Guard Cutter JARVIS.

The Cutter is named after Captain David H. Jarvis of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. Captain Jarvis served aboard cutters HAMILTON, RUSH, and BEAR. He devoted the majority of his career to pioneering and developing maritime activities in the Bering Sra off if Alaska's northwest coast. While assigned to the BEAR, he led the famous three man expedition to save 300 whalers stranded off Barrow Point, Alaska. Trapped by ice, the harsh environment, and a dwindling food supply, the whalers had little chance of surviving. Through the relentless artic winter, Captain Jarvis' expedition drove a herd of reindeer across 1,500 miles of Artic ice and snow to rescue the starving whalers. For his heroism, he was awarded a special Congressional Gold Medal.

Click here for more information on the ship and it's crew.