Minuteman III destroyed during test launch

Click here to read the story directly from the Vandenberg Air Force website.


Going Out To Sea!

I'm going to get the opportunity to work here:
USAV Worthy

I never though I would be doing this when I came out here but I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity for this experience.

It ought to be interesting!


Start Building The Ark!

Last night we got 2.73 inches of rain! That's more than a quarter of what we got all last month in one day!

The streets were flooded, the ditch next to my house was completely full and anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in it was probably wishing they had their scuba gear.

The days have been hot and still with little wind for the last few days as well. It appears that the doldrums are back!


Dive Certified!

I am now PADI Open Water Diver certified!

Over the 4th of July weekend I got to do 6 dives! Four were for the certification and two were to celebrate!

I couldn't have asked for a better start to my diving experience. I got to see some really incredible stuff on those dives; a sea turtle, trillions of little fishies, a HUGE manta ray (the instructor said he was probably about 12' across but he looked more like 20!), two white tipped sharks and three ship wrecks! Amazing!

I can tell you right now I'm going to have to get an underwater camera. I must take pictures!

Currently I am limited to diving 60' or less. The next step is to take the Advanced Open Water class which will allow me to go to 130'. Beyond that, I'm interested in getting Nitrox certified and at some point after that Rescue Diver. I feel it's the responsible thing to do to be able to help out fellow divers if any issues arise.


Experiencing Technical Difficulties....Again.

Ahh the inconvenience of Kwaj......

My laptop hard drive crashed on me the other day and it's going to take at least two weeks for me to get a replacement and then however long it takes me to sit down and rebuild it.....fortunately for me I know how.

Unfortunately, while I can still post and get my email on other computers, it's going to detain me from uploading any pictures for awhile.

And I so wanted you to see how empty the shelves are in the stores. I'm beginning to wonder if they are trying to starve us out....