Update From Kwajalein

I received another update on the job this morning.

I guess in the midst of all of their busy-ness over there, they are rearranging some of the job duties and that requires going through the ranks for approval.
I've been informed that there are still multiple positions available but they are not ready for the second set of interviews still and that I will hear something soon.

If this were a date I was waiting for, I would feel blown off, even with the updates but as I've said before, if they are as busy (or busier) than I am at my current job, I fully understand.

I'm headed in early today to help get caught up. (HA!)

So, as far as I can tell this is still moving forward.

Heck, it takes a couple of weeks to get mail there, a month to ship your belongings when you move there; I guess things just take a little longer in Kwajalein.


Mental Preparation

While I'm waiting, I've had time to roll everything over in my mind and imagine what it's going to be like...(yes, I'm still of the mindset that I am going!)

One of the things that I think is going to be the strangest to get used to will be the weather. Having the weather be consistently 80+ all the time seems like what I would imagine what the world would be like if all of the people were the same. Kind of boring.

I imagine it will be enjoyable but I picture myself always sort of waiting in the back of my mind for it to change. About 6 months of that and I'll quit waiting I'm sure. It will definitely be something different to get used to.

I like cold weather. My favorite clothes are fall and winter clothes. This is what sparked this thought process in the first place; I was looking through a catalog and found myself eyeing the vests and sweaters and had to remember I may not need those soon.

My friend said the air conditioning is pretty darn cold in some of the offices, maybe I can throw on a couple of layers and pretend it's December in Montana!


Yard Sale!

This weekend I had the first yard sale of my life. I still don't know for sure if were going to Kwajalein but I had a few things I could live without either way. It was an experience, that's for sure.
I almost want to do another one right away because now I have some experience and would do a couple of things differently. But....I don't think so!
As soon as it was over, I loaded everything that was left in the car and took it to Goodwill. It never went back in the house. The point was to get rid of stuff so that's what I did. I wish I knew for sure about whether we were going because it probably would have influenced me to let go of even more items.
I'm on the road traveling for work this week, with my fingers crossed and my hopes high that I will hear back about the next interview soon.


Contact From Kwajalein

I've gotten a couple of emails from my friend on Kwajalein.
He really is enjoying himself.
After only two weeks there, he is already VERY busy and has his fingers in at least 3 different projects already. One event even had him in a helicopter on his way to another island to do some work. Too cool!
Sometimes working in Montana, with hundreds of miles between customers; I wish we had a helicopter or company plane.



I finally got an update from KRS!
I am definitely on the list to get a second interview, they apologize for the delay but they are in the middle of their next project and are unsure exactly when they will get a breather to conduct the next round of interviews.
Hey, I'm happy with that. I'm on the short list! And they let me know so I'm not out here wondering what's really going on.


Worth Bragging About

Well, I guess my friend really had something when he was bragging about the view from his quarters.....he sent me this picture today.
View From Bachelors Quarters on Kwajalein


I can dream can't I?

OK, so while we wait, we've been talking about what it will be like and what we're going to do (besides work) etc. etc.
We already know we're going to try scuba diving and snorkeling and I can't wait to wake board in the lagoon!
But for a long term goal, we want to learn to sail.
We have a little 16' motor boat that we run on the local river; it's fun but its only going to be the size of a dingy for the type of boat we'd like to learn to sail.
JF has been looking at boats for sale online and found one that is sitting in Kwajalein right now. (Only $85,000!!!!)
It's called The Cherokee and it's got a pretty interesting story. Three guys traveled around on her for 10 years and have now decided to sell it. We're nowhere near ready for something like this but these are the kind of adventures we're hoping for.
Cross your fingers for us, we need some good juju!


Waiting For Second Interview

I'm still waiting to hear back.
He said it could take awhile because they are so busy; I'm trying not to be impatient.
I don't really feel like I can do any more research at this point and I've collected all of the information I think I will need for the security check.
It's nice to have an insider that can give details and updated information. My friend has provided a few tidbits that I have not been able to glean from the web.
I just wanted to give an update, it's not over yet!


Call From Kwajalein

Today while we were out tooling around the lake in the boat, I got a call from Kwajalein!
First of all I'm very happy that I had good enough cell coverage to get the call and not lose it.
It was my friend / former boss that just arrived for duty in Kwajalein two days ago and wanted to give me an update on what it's like.
So cool!
He said the quarters were very nice and that if the job is offered to me to definitely take it because it is exciting and would be a super fantastic opportunity. (My words not his, I'm pretty sure he would never say super fantastic.)
He bragged about his ocean view room and told me that this was the highlight of his career so far. That's a heck of a statement because I don't know any exact numbers but I'm pretty sure his career is spanning close to 40 years now. That and he's only been there one full day!
Justin and I have discussed it, even if he doesn't go if/when I do; I'm going and he will try to join me later. This would work out ok but I would miss him terribly. (Still, I would go.)
My excitement has kicked up a notch and I can't wait to hear back about the job. Now that the launch is over, I'm hoping it won't be too much longer before I know something.

Next! SpaceX Falcon 1 Launch # 4

I'm not going to go into detail because the Kwajalein Atoll and Rockets site does that very well but it appears the rocket blew up when it failed to separate.
I've learned that "anomaly" is the polite way to say "blew up" in rocket speak. If that's the case they must just flat out overlook "glitches".
On to round 4!


SpaceX Falcon 1 Launch #3

We just watched the live launch of the SpaceX Falcon 1.
There is a really great Blogspot blog called Kwajalein Atoll and Rockets that has practically up the second information. It's apparently written by someone on the SpaceX team and is the best resource I've found so far on this subject.
The SpaceX website isn't updated nearly as fast.
This is something I might just get the chance to see up close in the near future.
There is at least one more launch scheduled from Kwajalein this quarter, the Kwajrockets Blog said there are two more. I think I'll take his word for it since he's directly involved and offering up to the minute information.
As of right now, the status is "Anomaly in Launch". I'm just waiting like everyone else to find out what happened.
The video that is available up til the "anomaly" is very interesting to watch:


Even More Research

This is an incredible opportunity and I'm really hoping that it will pan out.
I found a few articles on some of the improvements that are being done to the communications on the island.
This article, U.S. Signs Fiber Optic Cable Deal For Kwajalein Test Range talks about a project I may very well get to be part of.
I should probably clarify; my career field is networking and I'm applying for a position with Kwajalein Range Services as a Network Technician.
While this is a contract position with a two year commitment, I'm hoping for a few more years but that will remain to be seen. I have to get the job first!
How cool would it be to work for a company that does this:

Kwajalein Range Services

Kwajalein Range Services - Rocket Launch