PCS - Phase 1

Well, about 6 weeks after I turned in my notice I recieved an "exit interview questionaire" and a "PCS questionaire". I was on vacation when I recieved them so I returned them about 4 days ago. I'm still waiting for phase 2.

The PCS questionaire is focused on personnel details like point of origin, whether you need a pack out, whether you are traveling with pets, where you are PCSing to, etc. The exit interview is a ratings sheet for the company and island life in general.

This weekend will be the first of at least two patio sales I plan to have.

If you are reading this on island, come by 456B on monday from 9-12.

Only 38 more days left on "The Rock"!


It's Time!

Well, I've been here a little over 4 years now and it's time to go.

I turned in my 90 day notice on Tuesday. My last day of work at KRS will be June 15th. I'm calling it my birthday present to myself since my birthday is on the 14th. :)

It's been fun. I'm going to miss sailing and the sunny beaches and the 12 hours of daylight everyday but there are a lot of things I'm not going to miss, like the general inconvenience of living in the middle of nowhere. Mail takes forever, supplies are limited, and going anywhere costs an arm and a leg.

So, as promised, I will outline the process of leaving the island, just like I did on my way to get here.

First step complete; turn in notice to supervisor. I'll let you know when step two happens.