One Relaxing Weekend

And by relaxing, I mean boring. It was overcast and no wind and I didn't do much of anything.

It happens to everyone right?


Lost In Translation

Here is a collection of signs from around the island......

I'm not sure if these are just bad translations from Marshallese to English (that's how I interpreted it) or just flat out mistakes but they are funny.

This should read "authorized personnel" not personal.

This one kind of works; you could be scraping the scraps into the trash....

This isn't exactly a translation problem, more like a creative interpretation thing.

This one is funny because this locker is about a mile and a half from the public gardens.

Ummm, I don't golf a lot but don't you use the golf carts to get around the golf course?

Anyone else have any to add to this? I know I haven't found them all.


Micronesian Handicrafts

Check out this really cool cribbage board.

There is a small shop here on Kwajalein where you can buy crafts from all over Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. You can find jewelry, music, wood carvings, woven mats and hats and all kinds of shells. It's fun to send this kind of stuff back home because it's so exotic.

The proceeds from the shop's sales benefit education in Micronesia.


Dinner on the Beach

Every month there is a dinner on the beach available to those that would like a little something different than the whole mess hall scene. Granted the mess hall is free and this most certainly is not but there are some advantages. The first of course is the scenery. The second being the quality of the food.

Not every time, but sometimes, the food is significantly better than our usual fare and it makes the whole experience as close to eating in a restaurant as we can get around here.

Add in good friends and you have a very nice evening out.


Kwaj Vending Machines

We have a rare breed of vending machine here on island...the Kwaj vending machine. There are actually a few types here; the empty/rusty machine and the cigarette/food machine.

The empty/rusty ones are the most severely neglected ones that never seem to get refilled. You put your money in to discover that there is nothing available that you want and when you try to get your money back, the coin return lever is so rusted that it won't engage.

Your choices at this point are to either choose something you really don't want and suffer through it or give it away, or leave your money in there, in essence...give it away. You can try to get a refund from the vendor but that's really more trouble than the dollar you put in there is worth. Actually, I guess in some ways, these machines are like reverse ATM's.

The cigarette/food machines really crack me up. They usually contain your typical vending machine fare; cookies, candy bars and gum but then there is also the tuna and crackers, Cup of Noodles and several brands of cigarettes to choose from as well. I'm not sure why I think this is so funny but it makes me chuckle every time I get something out of those machines.

*I'll try to get some pictures to go with this post


Busy Living Everyday Life

Not much new and exciting has been going on lately. There hasn't been any wind for sailing, I've been too lazy to go snorkeling or kayaking lately; mostly I've just socializing and taking care of chores and doing everyday things.

I've put together a new bowling team for the next league and there are several Yacht club and holiday events coming up though so I should be able to post something interesting soon.