Bus Guidelines

This was one of the rules that I saw posted on the Roi bus today:

No open fish containers allowed on bus.

Where else in the world is that a rule? ;)


Never Saw That Before

Today I saw a chicken eating a crab....

There are about 10 or so chickens that live on Roi; I always enjoy seeing them since they seem so out of place.

My Mom is a big chicken fan so wherever I go I take pictures of them for her.

I sure wish I had a picture of this!



I've been on Roi-Namur for almost a week now and if you didn't know already, rats are rampant here. Much more so than on Kwaj. Mainly because half of Roi is jungle and there are so few residents.

Everywhere I go, I see rats traps and I've been hearing rumors that they are planning to introduce cats to help with the rat population as well. In the rat traps though, I'm not seeing the typical bait one would find in the States....I'm guessing the rats here are a bit more "gourmet". Most of the traps I've seen have coconut in them. Mmmm....coconut. Typically you'll find cheese or peanut butter or as one site suggested; bacon! (What a waste of perfectly good bacon!)

Also if you don't already know, the people here are referred to (affectionately) as Roi Rats as well. Us Kwaj folks don't get a cool name but we do live "downtown".

It's always fun to come to Roi to work for awhile for a change of pace. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rats....


Fish Story

I was taking a break out by the lagoon today and as I was sitting on the rocks staring into the water I saw a fish cruise by. I believe it is a needlefish.
That's not so unusual but as I was watching it, I saw it go after another fish and THAT fish jumped out of the water to get away. Kind of interesting.
I keep expecting to see fish getting eaten when I'm diving but I haven't yet. I'll keep looking though!