2010 Commedore's Ball

Tonight we attended the Commedore's Ball. This is the first big event that I've been to twice since I've been on island since I just hit my one year anniversary 10 days ago. (I know, I should have posted something about that.)

It was very fun, there was Polynesian music, a nice buffet and an awards ceremony. The Commedore's Ball is where the new officers take over and thank the old officers for their participation and then there are awards for the sailboat races. The racing is pretty casual, most people don't care if they win or lose and anyone can participate, sailors and non-sailors alike.

The most surprising event of the evening? I won an award! I got 3rd place for the 2009 Spring Race Series! They spelled my last name wrong and I've gotten married since so I was told I would get a new trophy with a corrected name soon. I am so excited! This makes me want to race so much more.


Always Something To Do Around Here

There is no end to the activities available on Kwaj. Anyone who gets bored here wants to be. On any given day there is sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, going to the gym, raquetball, tennis, swimming, pottery or woodworking at the hobby shop and probably several other things I'm not thinking of. On weekends there is always at least two movies to choose from in the theaters and bowling is available on Sundays.
On top of that we have several private organizations, the Yacht Club, the Scuba Club, the Running Club, the Womens Guild....again, there are probably more that I don't even know.

Our most recent edition of the Coconut Wire includes the following fun activities as well:
  • Greek Soiree at the Country Club. Ticket includes a mystery wine tasting, a glass of wine, a grape stomp, paint your own wine goblet and a variety of Meze (the Greek word for Pupu). Togas are optional.
  • Kwaj's Top Chef - Think you are a "top chef?" Contact Community Activities to sign up to compete. Each Chef will be allowed two Sous Chefs & will be provided a budget to shop for provisions. Chefs will draw for which course to prepare.
  • Interactive Dinner Theater - “I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning,”
  • Bingo night at the Pacific Club
  • Mobile Kitchen Dinner at Emon Beach. Menu to include; Crabcakes with Roumalade Sauce, Encrusted Mahi Mahi, Herb Seasoned Rice Pilaf, Steamed Vegetable Medley, Garden Salad, Dinner Rolls, Water, Beer and Wine and Cheese Cake with Chocolate Sauce for dessert.
  • Kwajalein Yacht Club Commodore's Ball "Island Style" at the Country Club. Entertainment by "Pure Polynesia". Dinner will be a buffet of chicken or beef.
Sounds like a really fun month!


Dead To The World

This weekend, from noon Saturday through 5:00 am Monday, there will be no phone, internet, television, debit/credit card or ATM functionality on Kwajalein or Roi Namur while our satellite link is worked on Stateside.

You should hear all the wailing and gnashing of teeth going on from the residents. You would think there was nothing else to do around here. I personally plan to play outside as much as possible, or possibly get some work done on the boat.

Next weekend, I hope to get some more pictures uploaded. Chris was in a fishing tournament and we went sailing on Valentines day so I would like to get those posted......I still have some Christmas pictures I want to show you.

Hey, what can I say? We're on island time around here, I'll get to it! (Eventually!)


Let's Play A Game

When I was a kid I used to watch Sesame Street and The Electric Company like most kids did.....One of the games they would play was "One of these things is not like the others" or something like that. (Hey it was a long time ago, I can't remember exactly). The idea was you were given a series of pictures and you had to pick out which one was different. Sometimes you would see three fruits and a vegetable or 4 random items but three of them were green and one was orange, you get the idea.

So, here we go with a Kwaj version of:

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others!

Do you see it?

They are all fire hydrants, right? But one of them is very different than the others.....

Now why do you suppose one of them (the only one I've found on island by the way) is bright yellow and has those striped posts around it when all of the others are brown with no protective posts?

My guess is that someone ran over the yellow one (back when it was still brown like the others) at some point and this is the result.

The funniest part of this is the yellow one is in the least high traffic area of all of these pictured.