I got the job!

Quoted from the email I received while traveling on vacation:

"No second interview necessary.... We are proceeding with the process to hire you! Welcome aboard! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!"

Apparently the other qualified applicants decided not to pursue the position so I don't have to go through a second interview. That cuts down on the processing time.

After discussing the next steps with them today, I will be receiving some paperwork, go through a security check and a physical; the goal is to have me on island by December 1st.

What a relief! It makes a huge difference to have a timeline to work with. Also, there is a takeover going on at my current company that I was hoping to avoid; now I know I can. That's an even bigger relief.

So the purging will continue! And the packing and the planning. I've got a lot of work to do to be ready in two months.

The biggest goal now is getting the boyfriend a job so he can go too. We're doubtful he'll be able to go as soon as I do but fingers crossed we can find something for him soon.

So the waiting is over!

Stay tuned, I'll be continuing to post about the process and once I'm (we're?) there, I'll share about life on the island and what details I'm allowed to share about the job.


We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I will not have access to the internet for an entire 18 days! (I hope I survive)

Tomorrow morning (September 12th), I will be on a plane bound for South America. Peru to be exact. In a matter of days I will be here:
Machu Picchu
Map of Peru

I am terribly excited, and very nervous. I’ve never been out of the country before and I am going alone. The trip is actually an outdoor adventure tour put on by Active South America. I will meet up with them in Cuzco on Sunday, but up to that point I’m on my own.

The trip I signed up for is the Jaguar and this is our basic itinerary:
Jaguar Itinerary

I am expecting this to be a life altering experience, I would imagine I will have lots to blog about on my return.

Thanks for reading and if you want to know how it turns out, check back on the 30th. I’ll make sure I’ve got something posted by then. If you don’t see anything, I may not have survived!


Great Timing?

You know how they say everything happens for a reason?
I think I'm experiencing some of that. Either that or things are about to go horribly wrong for me soon!

There has been some turmoil and rumors at my current workplace about upcoming changes to our infrastructure. It appears we are getting bought out by another company and I really don't want to work for them. This whole Kwajalein thing could fall into place at just the right time, IF it falls into place.

I am trying not to get too anxious about the whole thing, I'm leaving for an extended vacation on Friday and the last thing I want to be thinking about is whether I have a job when I come back or not.

It's looking like the changes are going to go into effect very shortly after my return so I really hope I find out whether Kwajalein Range Services is going to be an option for me or if I need to start looking elsewhere right away.

I figured I better take the vacation now in case I never get such an opportunity again. I may have to have a little more than a yard sale when I return if I don't hire on with the new company.

We'll see what happens, this could get interesting.....


Where there is a sea there are pirates

I am doubtful that if and when the ball gets rolling on this whole thing that it will roll fast enough for me (us hopefully) to attend this event but I am hopeful:

Swashbucklers Ball 2008
What fun!

It's hosted by the Kwajalein Yacht Club and you can see pictures from last years party here.

How can you go wrong with a place that has a pirate party?


Slow and Steady (Wins the Race?)

I really hope that if I get to live in Kwajalein that every day is as slow and monotonous as this interview process.

In what really is a good turn of events but still sort of drives me crazy; I found out that the next set of interviews will not be until early October!

The reason it works out is because I am traveling out of the country for a few weeks beginning September 12th so I'm not going to be available unless they were planning on getting going on it this week or early next week.

Coincidentally the team leader is taking vacation right about the same time. (That's the second coincidence I've had with him; the first one was we grew up in the same town).

So, in order to keep everyone entertained in the meantime I'll be posting random jokes and whatever silly photos I can find on the Internet. Just kidding, if you want that kind of stuff, check out Cake Wrecks and LOL Cats. These are two of my favorite sites that can pretty much guarantee a chuckle.

Again, I'm going to continue with the assumption that I am going and make what preparations I can without taking it too far.

It would be pretty funny if I got everything packed and sold and it all fell through huh? I would think so. I could get famous for being that idiot on the Internet that got ready for the trip that never happened!

Seriously though, if anyone needs a dog; we have three for you to choose from. We like them all, we didn't plan on having three and it's totally overwhelming. If someone would be willing to give one of them a good home, we'd be willing to let them. Just let me know in the comments.
Spencer, Lady Brett and the Blue Dog