Kwaj Crud 2.0 - Back With A Vengeance

I am so sick!

I have a terrible upper respiratory infection commonly known around here as the "Kwaj Crud". This is typical for newbies to the island, almost everyone gets some version of it shortly after arriving. This is my second time with it, I got it a couple months after I arrived last year and now I've got it again, but it's worse.

There are many theories about the origins of Kwaj Crud, some say it's the mold and mildew lurking in the air conditioning ducts, others think it's some kind of allergy. I've even heard theories that it comes over on the LCM from Ebeye. All I know is it sucks!

My lungs feel like bricks, my throat and nose hurt from all the coughing and nose blowing and I've had laryngitis for four days now.

Last week I started coming down with something. I went running anyway just to measure how bad it really was. It was bad. After I got back home (I run in the mornings before work) I showered and crawled back in bed for another 5 hours! The rest of the day was not much better, there was a pretty good imprint of me in the couch where I was for the rest of the day.

The bad thing is, I might be better by now but I'm the type that likes to pretend I'm not sick. I still go to work (except that first day) I still do the BBQ's with friends, and last night we stayed up late playing "dominoes". Ugh.

So this weekend, when I would love to be out playing in the sun, I'm going to lay around the house and try to get better. If not, I'm hitting First Stop on my way to work on Tuesday for some real medicine. First Stop is just a no appointment necessary time when you can visit the hospital for minor injuries and illnesses around here.

I'm not sure how fun it would be out there this weekend anyway, the beaches are all closed because of sewage sludge (their words, not mine) in the water. Yum!


An Interview With One Of Our Neighbors To The North

Here is an article one of my co-workers found and shared. Roi-Namur is about 40 miles to the north of Kwaj. We have a commuter flight that goes up there several times a day taking Kwaj residents to work and vice-versa. It's a pretty good article; enjoy!