The Doldrums Are Here

This time of year can be pretty sketchy for sailing. The doldrums are basically periods of no wind. I've made plans to go sailing three times now that were spoiled by lack of wind. I can't wait to get out there! Not only does it make sailing difficult, it makes it hot! Around here, the wind is your only relief from the heat besides air conditioning. Swimming is an option too but you are usually dry by the time you make it back to your towel. I'm not sure how long this season lasts but I want to go sailing!


Found Item Collection Growing

Here is an updated picture of my little collection of found items. There are shells, beach glass, coral pieces, an urchin spine, a toy turtle, a seed that almost fell on me, some sort of grass and pirate treasure! The note in a bottle is a wedding invitation I received. Pretty cool.

Some people that have been here for awhile have some incredible beach glass and shell collections. I think divers have an opportunity to find things the rest of us can't as well. In July I will be getting dive certified so that will open up a whole other realm for me here. It should be interesting.


Sailing Lessons Are Complete

I now have my sailing license!
The Chulita and the Worthy

Last night was my practical test and tomorrow will be my maiden voyage as Captain! The plan is to head to the island of Gugeegu, the farthest point we are allowed to sail without a second source of power. The Chulita does not have a motor, sail power only.

The trip will be about 3 hours all together and should be quite enjoyable. I'll post pics when we return!


The Turtle Pond

We have a turtle pond here that holds 3 turtles; at least that's what I've been told. For some reason I've only ever seen one. The sign says there are green and hawksbill turtles in it. There are also some really cool fish in the pond as well. Fast little buggers though; I only got a couple of good shots. There are several other fish that I couldn't get pics of, maybe another day.


Back to Roi Namur

One of my new friends that moved to Kwaj transferred over to Roi Namur. I went over to spend the weekend and hang out and wow did we have fun. I was careless and forgot to bring my camera so I'm hoping the folks that had them hold up their end and send me copies like they said they would.

We hung out at one of the shacks where we played a bean bag version of horseshoes, barbecued, hung out in the sun, played in the water and had a really great time. Everyone was very welcoming and open and it was very fun.

The next day I wandered around the island and got a few random pics.....

Coral sculpture made of metal

Bunker on the ocean

Tiny little crab

Crab with a cool shell

Interesting concrete structure

Beautiful green water


June Beer Can Race

I was the captain this time!

For this months Beer Can sailboat race, I got to be the captain! I've got about 3 more lessons before I'm on my own and can get my license but as one of my training sessions, we participated in the monthly race. What fun!

This one was a little different than usual. Normally we navigate around a series of buoys in a set pattern and everyone starts according to their handicap. The handicap is determined by the size and performance of the boat. This time we only did two legs and everyone started at the same time. The purpose was to help establish your actual handicap as opposed to just the boats performance.

It was a lot of fun for me but boy was I tired afterward. I spent a lot of time on the water this weekend. I love it though.


Happy Kwaj Kitty

I thought Rick was going to hate it here. He was an outside cat and was only in the house to eat usually. I figured he would go so stir crazy I would be sorry I brought him.

For the first couple of weeks he did try to get out but I would put him on the leash (OSAKA regulations you know) and take him outside with varied results, mostly discontent. After he caught on to outside = leash, he stopped wanting to go so much. He also acted like the wind bugged him quite a bit. I'm on the windy side of the island.

Now, he seems quite content to hang out in the sun, we play quite a bit and I think he's a happy cat. What do you think?


Six Days of Sunrises

Here is a shot from my window, six days in a row. They are all within the same 10 minute time frame, right before I leave for work. You can see the 5th day we were socked in with rain so there isn't any sun.

I'll do this with sunsets soon too, those are always different here.