Three Great Kwajalein Articles

Here are three really great articles about Kwajalein featured in Soldier Magazine on the army.mil website.






Another Unknown

OK, here's another one for all you past Kwaj residents or maybe even someone who was involved in developing this.....

There is a channel/trench/culvert(?) that runs approximately 2 blocks from the corner near the Small Boat Marina and lagoon road, near the AAFES warehouse. Some of you may not recognize this shot since there is a building missing just to the right of where the bus is. It was torn down last year.
When the tide is really high, this channel fills up and there can even be some random fish swimming around in there. It appears to dead-end under the AAFES warehouse.

Does anyone know what this is for?

There is another one that runs near the fuel pier and ends just as mysteriously kind of in a field. I'm very curious; it's not to prevent flooding of some kind is it? That doesn't really make any sense...

I can't wait to hear your ideas.


Hobie Cat Sailing

I got to do something today I haven't done in 30 years! Might as well say I've never done it since the first time, I was a kid and didn't get to participate much and it was nothing like what we did today.....

This is what I got to do today:
This picture isn't from today but we were definitely at this angle a few times. I can pretty much guarantee that any Hobie Cat pictures you see were not taken by people on Hobie Cats. You are far too busy to take pictures and there is no place to keep anything without it flying off the boat.

What fun it was! I never expected it to be so fun. I'm thinking this is my new challenge, learn how to sail it, not just be crew.

I also learned how to recover after it capsized. That was also pretty fun. I couldn't find any pictures of that but I found this one which I thought was pretty funny:


Lovely Evening

The other night I grabbed my beach blanket and headed down to the lagoon watch the sunset. It was a beautiful evening. I got quite a few shots but this was the best:

Last night was another gorgeous sunset but unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me.


Wet Weekend

From February 1st to the 5th we barely got any precipitation at all. The weekend hit and we got 5 inches! 3.47 of it on Monday (our Sunday) Here are a couple of shots to show a little bit of how it looked. So, not much beach time this weekend. Maybe next weekend.


Sticking Around For Awhile

Well, I did it.

I signed the contract form to continue my employment on Kwaj on what is commonly known here as "rolling 90's". This means the next time I'm eligible to leave is July as long as I provide 90 days notice; after that October, then January and so on. Of course, the company always has the option to end the contract at any time but that's nothing new.

So, a few more months of sailing, snorkeling and island exploration for me! Oh, and work. Did I forget to mention that?