2010 Commedore's Ball

Tonight we attended the Commedore's Ball. This is the first big event that I've been to twice since I've been on island since I just hit my one year anniversary 10 days ago. (I know, I should have posted something about that.)

It was very fun, there was Polynesian music, a nice buffet and an awards ceremony. The Commedore's Ball is where the new officers take over and thank the old officers for their participation and then there are awards for the sailboat races. The racing is pretty casual, most people don't care if they win or lose and anyone can participate, sailors and non-sailors alike.

The most surprising event of the evening? I won an award! I got 3rd place for the 2009 Spring Race Series! They spelled my last name wrong and I've gotten married since so I was told I would get a new trophy with a corrected name soon. I am so excited! This makes me want to race so much more.

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