Last Day Of Vacation

Well, today is the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow around noon we'll arrive back on Kwaj. Kind of surprisingly, neither of us is terribly excited about it.

Kwaj is small, quiet, low stress, not polluted and has beautiful scenery and fun activities that can be done year-round. I kind of assumed once I got back into the real world of face-paced, traffic, pollution and bad weather that I would want to run back to the comforting arms of Kwaj. I don't.

In fact, while we were on vacation, we purchased a house! An ocean view home 5 blocks from the beach on the Oregon Coast. I've always wanted to live there, it was exciting that my new husband felt the same way. I was in a gift shop with my Mom when a customer asked the shop-keeper how she liked living on the Coast. She remarked that if she didn't have a business there, she wouldn't live there at all. She said it was too inconvenient, that she had to drive an hour to a Wal-Mart and that their grocery store wasn't even a grocery store. She said it was a good place to retire, low crime and relaxed but she preferred more action and accessibility. HA! She should try Kwaj for awhile!

I guess that's what makes the Coast work for us. It provides far more opportunity and accessibility than we are currently used to.

So the plan is we'll finish out our current contracts and then move to our house on the Oregon Coast. That will be roughly April 2011. After that, someone else will have to fill you in on the details of Kwaj life.


paul sheehan said...

Congrats on your new home. That was one of my main reason's why I went out to Kwaj/Roi. It took me 2 tours to do it.I was able to buy a home in 97. I wish the both of you the very best,and hope that you have a safe trip back to Kwaj. The time will pass quickly. April will be here before you know it. Take care. PS Was the house hunting fun or stressfull??

Anonymous said...

The question is...can you find work in such a small town?

Rebecca said...

The house hunting was amazingly simple as we weren't REALLY looking. I happened to run across a foreclosue that seemed like a really good deal, we looked at it and decided we couldn't pass it up.

I will have an easier time finding work than my husband. He's a police officer so options are a bit limited but I've seen ample opportunity for me.

Our plan is to make sure at least one of us actually has a job before we leave the island.

chuck said...


im on the final leg of the paperwork portion of kwaj application,. have you got high speed internet in your house yet?
i know there is dial up....does anyone there do "dial up wireless?"

Rebecca said...

Our new goal is to stay on island for at least another year to help pay for the house and get us set up with furniture, appliances and the remodeling we want to do.
We'll see, we may have the opportunity to do a couple of one year stints in various countries which we won't pass up.
For now our new home will be a vacation home but one day we we'll settle there and that is a dream I've had for many, many years.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! We live about 90 minutes from the coast on Oregon. My hubby is getting ready to leave for Kwaj for 2 years. We are hoping to upgrade to an "accompanied" position so put daughter and I can join him. It's been great reading your blog, since most the information I am finding is several years old.