This Has Been My Preoccupation *Updated*

Well, now that it's plastered all over the news and on several military websites, I can post about the project I had the priviledge of working on recently.

I found a few articles on the DARPA website this morning that are very informative and interesting.

The first is an overview of the project and the second is specific to this mornings results.
This article from Fox News presents a little less technical outline of the project.

I gotta admit, it's pretty cool to get to be part of activities like this.

I was forwarded a couple of more articles on the HTV mission this morning.
In this CNET article, I was on one of the 20 "test assets".
And in this article from CBS News we are listed as an "observation station". This article includes a video of what was expected to be the flight path of the vehicle.

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