Night Diving

Night diving has all but been banned for Kwajalein but occasionally there are opportunities to pay for an evening when the commercial divers are available and we're even had a few sponsored night dives that anyone can participate in. As part of my advanced open water dive class that I'm taking now, we got to do a night dive last night during one of these sponsored events. It was an interesting experience. The bioluminescence was my favorite part. Being in that environment with limited visibility does impose some challenges and makes for a completely different experience. I'm not going to say that was my favorite thing I've done so far. I think I get much more pleasure out of it when I'm able to see more.


Andrea Farrier said...

What an opportunity! What color was the bioluminesence? Are these creatures? Plants? Bacteria? Sounds really fascinating. Do they have cuttlefish in the area? I've seen documentaries showcasing their amazing color shows.

Love hearing about your adventures. Keep up the blogging!

The Radio Guy Extraordinare said...

I just recently discovered your blog when doing a web search on The Marshall Islands... read the whole thing the other day.. :)

Sent you an email with a few "out of curiosity" type questions :)