Heading Home....

No, not permanently this time; just for a visit.

One of our perks here is that once a year, we get a paid trip back to the States. Back to your point of origin specifically. When your anniversary date rolls around, you get a deposit for the amount of a plane ticket at that moment in time as well as some paid travel days and a weeks worth of paid time off. They call these admin days....it's for taking care of things you can't do on island like renew your State drivers license, visit your own personal physician...whatever.

This year I'll be spending a week of rest in Honolulu, a week in Oregon listing my house doing some work on it while I'm there, and getting a quote from a contractor for a few projects. After that a week in Atlanta, GA and then on to South Carolina. Hopefully the schedule will include some hiking and camping and motorcyle riding! Once all the fun stuff is done, I'm headed to San Francisco, CA for a 7 day CCNA:Security bootcamp.

When all is said and done I'll have traveled 15,076 miles. UGH! Boy will I be ready to get back home so I can relax!

This is a pretty typical itinerary for a Kwaj vacation. Lots to cram in when you only get back once a year; or less. I've actually been to Palau and Australia since I last went to the States. It's cheaper and closer for us to go the other direction from here.



Charles E. (Chuck) Corway said...

I'll be heading up to Hawaii in three weeks for a 'working' vacation; a week and a half at the Marine Corps base in Kane'ohe to help staff the Civil Air Patrol Hawaii Wing cadet encampment. At least I'll get a couple of days after the encampment to meet up with my mother (flying in from Vegas) to unwind before my 'parole' ends! ;)

Chrissy said...

So glad to have found your blog, I think I've read almost all of it by now. My husband is looking at taking a job in Kwaj (subsequently I am as well). It's been great reading about your experiences. Very informative and a little bit of a relief as well!

Rebecca said...

Good luck to you and your husband Chrissy!