Hit With The UgliStick

I just have to say that their website is severly underrated. These guys are awesome! Great variety, great delivery, great everything!

Two years ago The UgliStick was here as a USO/AFE show and they rocked the house. We had a couple of really great local bands out here at the time so it wasn't quite as impactful as is it now. Not to mention, I hadn't been here as long...

We've unfortunately lost a lot of great musical talent in the last two years and our remaining groups are still getting used to each other or have completely disbanded so to have The UgliStick out here now is truly a treat and we have Community Activities to thank for the whole thing!

Tonight is their last show so we're headed out to make the most of it. If you get the chance to see them....do!

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Bob Raymond said...


That is just awesome! I heard they were pretty good. I'll definitely share this post on Kwaj-Net Facebook.

I am so happy for the current Kwajers that USAKA still has budget for the USO tours. I hope that keeps up!


Bob Raymond