Another Full Weekend

This weekend was reminiscent of one of my first weekends here. Sunday was spent on a sailboat in the monthly Beer Can race. And today I went fishing. Again, not catching, fishing; just like last time.

I got this great picture of the Worthy coming into harbor while we were racing.
Worthy and racers

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture but when we were fishing today, we scared up several hundred tiny little flying fish. It was really cool to see. They looked like they were all about 3 inches long. Other than that, we didn't see one fish, no bird-piles, nothing.

A bird-pile is when there are multitudes of birds catching lots of little fish that are getting stirred up by bigger fish. When you see one, you want to drive the boat through it or close and you have a great chance of catching something. That's what we keep our eyes open for when were out tooling around in the ocean.

It was fun to be out on the water, even if we didn't catch anything. That would have been fun too though!


Leo said...

Better luck next time

Rebecca said...

Twice now during sailing lessons I've seen bird piles. DOH!