Doing My Best To Have a Good Time

And doing a pretty good job of it I would say....

Saturday after work, I had another sailing lesson. I have yet to have a bad time. Even when it's not the smoothest experience, it's great. I like it. I'm learning, I don't expect it to be super smooth yet. It won't be long though.

Sunday, I had a really great time at the Sunfish Regatta that the Kwajalein Yacht Club puts on. I was lucky enough that the wife of the gentleman I've been taking lessons from offered to show me how to sail a Sunfish this weekend and then I got the opportunity to try it myself. What fun!
Sunfish ready to sail
On their way
Crab by the boat

Monday (which is our Sunday) I got together with a couple of friends and went kayaking. I enjoyed that a lot as well. Up to this point I've only ever kayaked on lakes. The lagoon is a bit bigger and wilder and more fun! It was a good time. After that, another sailing lesson. It was fun as usual.

I got lots of tacking and jibing practice through the mooring field. Kinda scary cause if you hit something, you have a lot of money to pay and would have to face the guy who's boat you hit if you didn't do it right.

We didn't hit anything, that's good. :)

I also met some new people on island and had a good time hanging out with them. We laughed so hard....I love that. I hope it continues.

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