One Relaxing Weekend

And by relaxing, I mean boring. It was overcast and no wind and I didn't do much of anything.

It happens to everyone right?


Miss Ann Thrope said...

Any tsunami issues?

Rebecca said...

We had a warning that was revoked. Didn't see anything exciting. I've heard it's quite rare for one to make it to us with any power behind it.

AlphaSigOU said...

The atoll oceanside drops off to a depth of over 3000 feet about 200 yards offshore, then drops further to about 6000 feet. By the time the tsunami gets to Kwaj it's probably about a 6-inch ripple in the water totally concealed by the wave action offshore. We do get the occasional rogue wave - one hit Roi-Namur last year and did extensive damage, contaminating the fresh water lens wells.