Amazing Kwajalein

The other day I got stranded in the rain hiding out under the Yacht Club's covered area waiting out a torrential downpour. I was on my way to provide troubleshooting support for one of our island staffers and that was as far as I made it from my office. (Not very far)

While I was waiting, looking out over the lagoon I saw what looked like a big fish jump out of the water about 100 yards away. It was really close to shore but I diddn't get a good look because it was so far away and the rain was so heavy.

I ended up stranded there for about 15 minutes total and just before the rain subsided I got to see it again. This time about 50 feet in front of me. It was a large manta ray jumping out of the water! What an exciting thing to see!

I didn't take this picture but this is almost exactly what I got to see. Amazing!