I Heart Plovers

There aren't very many kinds of birds on Kwajalein. I was a little bit surprised by this. We have what looks like a house sparrow, white terns and plovers as permanent residents. Everything else we see is just passing through.

I've heard reports of ducks and I've seen cranes and frigates but that's about it.
I'm guessing it's because we are so small and so far away from other land masses. The one bird I half expected to see but haven't is the sea gull. I haven't seen a one.

My favorite of our regular birds is the plover. They are so cute and every single one of them has different markings. Some have white tummies, some have big color patches, others look just like sand. They have funny little personalities too and trying to get close to one is darn near impossible.

Click here to hear a recording of the plover.

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