Swashbucklers Ball *updated*

Swashbuckler: is a term that developed in the 16th century to describe rough, noisy and boastful swordsmen.

When I first started researching Kwajalein I ran across the Kwajalein Yacht Club website and subsequently discovered the Swashbucklers Ball.

I was really hoping that I could get out here before the last one but I ended up on island in February so I've been waiting for this event for months now. I was not dissapointed. It was so much fun!

One of the reasons I've grown to enjoy these events so much is that the local home brewers usually provide some delicious libations. I LOVE micro-brews so this is a very special treat for me.

Here is a list of our selections for the evening:

The decorations were awesome:

Gallows, booty and all:

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