2010 Fishing Tournament

The Labor Day Hanapa'a Fishing Tournament on Kwaj isn't a highly competitive tournament. It's for fun because this time of year is not so great for fishing. When the doldrums hit, it gets hot and the fish go deeper, making the typical trolling style of fishing quite unsuccessful.

We managed to accidentally snag one fish in the four hours we were out. We're not even sure what it is, the officials called it a gray snapper.
While we were out, one of our engines decided to die so we had to make our way to the nearest pass and return to the lagoon side and limp back to the harbor.

The fact that we managed to snag anything ensured us a place in the drawing and there were 5 boats that didn't even catch one fish so we felt somewhat vindicated.
 The next week (since I'm always behind on my posting means this week) my husband went fishing on a Saturday when the rest of us are working and they caught a bunch of fish. Over 10 Ahi and Aku, 4 that got away.

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