Turtle Rescue 2010

I got up for a run last week and stumbled right into the middle of a turtle hatch! I watched as hundreds of baby turtles flocked out of their nest and made their way to the water. Unfortunately many of them got confused and headed the wrong direction. I wasn't sure what to do, so I skirted the mass and finished my run. When I got home, I grabbed my camera to see if I could get some pictures. When I arrived, other residents were collecting the lost babies and taking them to the water to set them on their way. I joined in and while I was there, we helped over 50 of them. It was truly a special event to get to participate in!
Young girl gathering baby turtles.

Baby turtles heading into the ocean.

They flapped all the way to the water.


AmyP said...

How cool is that! We didn't have nesting turtles when I lived there, but I LOVED the turtle pond. Where were these little ones hatched? Near the Marina, Camp Hamilton or Coral Sands? I only took part in kitten rescues, LOL!

Rebecca said...

They were on that tiny little beach behind the CRC building, ocean side. I guess we had at least three nests this year.