Only On Kwaj

I try to make it a point to carry a camera with me everywhere I go here; you never know what you might see....

Unfortunately today I was running an errand and of course did not have it with me and I missed a golden opportunity!

Imagine this if you can:
A guy, riding a bike, with a vacuum attached to the handlebars! He had the base of it over the bars with the bottom facing toward him and the handle sticking out in front. It was comedy!

I've heard rumor of groups of people heading to fit ball class with their exercise balls strapped to their handle bars too. Makes me want to wait in the shadows outside the class so I can capture it on film!

Hey, you make due with what you've got and Kwaj is the epitome of that.

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AmyP said...

Ah, great times! There's a lot of hilarity in what people try to do with a bike. I lived near Emon in a trailer for awhile and we had to take our trash to a large dumpster by the road. Imagine my horror when I swung off my bike at work to see my trash still bungeed to the back of my bike...clear bags no less, so no hiding trash! I was sooo embarrassed!