Things That Make You Go Hmmm......

I always thought you could buy anything online.

It's been my preferred method of shopping for years. I pretty much never go to an actual brick and mortar store unless it's for food and it's one of the reasons I figured I'd do ok out here. Limited shopping; not a big deal. But I discovered something today.....it's really hard to find shorts and swimsuits (even online) in the winter!

One of my favorite places to shop is REI. They have 2 pair of shorts available right now! TWO! And I'm not having much better luck elsewhere.

Something to think about....


Bob Raymond said...

Just a thought...

During the North American winter months, it's summer Down Under. If you can afford the shipping, you might want to try finding some Australian or New Zealand online stores.


Bob Raymond
Kwaj-Net Founder and Sr. Administrator

Rebecca said...

Good idea!
I'll have to check into it.