Astute Observation

I was contacted by a potential island resident in the recent past who observed:

"I found and read another kwaj blog last night (the whole thing) and it seems to be (on all the blogs I've found) that people start out liking it and slowly that fades and they start grumbling more and more and the time between posts on their blogs become longer and longer or just stop in mid air all together."

Let me explain what I've observed while here. Kwaj is the epitome of Groundhog Day, the movie starring Bill Murray where a weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again.

When you first get here, everything is new and exciting and you try new activities and meet new friends and experience a climate that most people only dream of seeing on the vacation of their dreams. It's adventurous. You are living overseas. It's exotic.

But then you kind of get to a point where you've seen it all, done it all and the lack of seasons gets kind of boring. It gets hard to come up with things to write about and share that you haven't already said before. How many pictures of fish and palm trees can you really take?

There are a number of people who thrive in this type of "safe" environment. They are resistant to change and don't mind living in a tiny community doing the same activities, day in and day out. Then there are others to whom this is limiting to their freedom, they stagnate and eventually,(hopefully, for their sake) escape.Then there is a thrid group of people called "re-treads" who leave and come back, sometimes multiple times.

I know my time here is growing shorter. Nothing firm as of yet but when I'm ready, I'll walk you through the process of leaving, just like I brought you along for the ride to get out here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was on Kwaj, 72-74 and again 76-79 as a 3rd, 4th grader and then for 6-8 grades and THANK GOD made it back to the "mainland" to start high school in 9th grade.

Many a grade and high schooler already had figured out this observation well before adulthood.

But you're right all this is a personal thing about what they like or don't like. I would NEVER knock Kwaj but don't really fully understand those who discuss the place like it was a religion, however that's the beauty, we don't have to understand everyone all the time. I had a great time there and all the same wouldn't have changed a thing!!! So enjoy! You may just miss it when you are long gone!
Cheers, Peter

Rebecca said...

I know for a fact one of the things I will miss about this place is the 12 hours of daylight every single day.

Johnny'O said...

Yes, we are down to this on the 45th parallel and we aren't even to the shortest day of the year.

Sunrise: 7:37
Sunset: 4:29

I hate it here.