Time To Reflect

I had some time to just sit and think for awhile today and I found myself thinking about things that I miss; things I can't see or do out here.
  • Wildflowers
90% of the flowers on island are growing in flower pots around people's houses. There are plumeria and orchids and hibiscus as well as a few others and while they are beautiful, one of the things I miss is fields and fields of wildflowers.
  • Hiking
I used to go hiking almost every weekend in Montana. For awhile I was taking my dogs hiking almost every night after work. I love hiking. I especially like hiking to the top of a hill or mountain and looking out over the land.
  • Camping
I really miss camping and having a campfire. Campfire smoke is my favorite smell in the world.
  • Riding motorcycles
A few months before I moved to the island I had gotten my motorcycle endorsement. I had a Dual Sport Yamaha XT-225. I loved it. I'll have to learn how to ride all over again when I get back.
  • Driving a car
Driving is fun. Road tripping is even funner.
  • Mountains
Mountains are beautiful and where I lived before I got here was surrounded by them.
  • Seasons
Fall is my favorite season. There is no Fall on Kwaj. It's always summer, the only weather we get is either rain, or no rain. That's it. I miss the variety of dressing differently for the different seasons.
  • Shopping
This isn't what you think it is......I mean food shopping. I love to cook and try new recipes and I can't tell you how often I've gone to the store here with my hopes up and get let down again because they don't carry what I need. I also really love trying new foods and having access to a deli. Grocery store items are usually what I bring home with me when I go to the States. The other thing I love is trying new beers I lived down the street from a place that carried over 100 different kinds of beer. I would just go in there and pick something based on the label and try it. Some were good, some were not but it was fun!


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