I got the job!

Quoted from the email I received while traveling on vacation:

"No second interview necessary.... We are proceeding with the process to hire you! Welcome aboard! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!"

Apparently the other qualified applicants decided not to pursue the position so I don't have to go through a second interview. That cuts down on the processing time.

After discussing the next steps with them today, I will be receiving some paperwork, go through a security check and a physical; the goal is to have me on island by December 1st.

What a relief! It makes a huge difference to have a timeline to work with. Also, there is a takeover going on at my current company that I was hoping to avoid; now I know I can. That's an even bigger relief.

So the purging will continue! And the packing and the planning. I've got a lot of work to do to be ready in two months.

The biggest goal now is getting the boyfriend a job so he can go too. We're doubtful he'll be able to go as soon as I do but fingers crossed we can find something for him soon.

So the waiting is over!

Stay tuned, I'll be continuing to post about the process and once I'm (we're?) there, I'll share about life on the island and what details I'm allowed to share about the job.

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