Nice Lady With 20 Acres

Tonight we sent Blue off to try out a new home.

He was a little trepidatious when he first met the lady but within minutes she had his eyes rolling back in his head and he was leaning on her and seeking her out and before long, he got in her car and drove away.


She was very loving with him and seemed like she needed a friend and he seemed to be enjoying the undivided attention. In a house with three dogs, he doesn't get that much. I have high hopes that everything will be fine.

She'll be calling to give us a status report tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hearing how it went.

One down, two to go.


rrr said...

I got a call today.

The lady said that they had a wonderful evening, she gave Blue a bath and he's getting to be on the furniture which he never was allowed to do here.

He went outside and didn't runa way so it sound like it will be ok.

I'll get another update in a couple of days as long as everything is going well.

I'm glad he's getitng spoiled. I'm sure he's forgotten all about me by now.

rrr said...

Recieved another update today.

Blue is happy in his new home..

He is now never alone....when he is, he's inside instead of outside and he has plenty of room to run and play.

There are three people loving him all the time now and he doesn't have to share it with any other dogs.

I am truly grateful to his new Mom for being willing to adopt him and love him.