The Fate of My Bike

Bike riding is the main form of travel on Kwajalein, next to using your feet.

I have a bike that I rarely ride. I think I've had it for almost 10 years and it still looks brand new. Here's what it currently looks like:
Montana bike covered in snow
I found a really great document that outlines the life-cycle of a bike on Kwaj as well as different riding styles and the many different styles and functions of Kwaj bikes.
It's written like a scientific study but it's funny because, well...its about bikes.
Check it out here.

Here's a little taste:
B. Kwajaleinus, the Kwajalein bike, is the barn yard cat of bicycles. Unlike its sleek cousin who lives indoors in the lap of luxury, the typical Kwajalein bike is an alley cat; it survives. It survives brutal tropical conditions and the easy going habits of its owners. It survives because it has evolved over many generations and many mutations. Great distances from other Bicyclus populations have led to its emergence as a distinct species, unlike any other.

Basically, my bike is doomed.
Bike Heaven
But; it wasn't doing much anyway.

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Crunchy Leo said...

LOL! I loved you post. I'm glad your taking it from a humorous side. Plus, bicycles are a lot cheaper than cars. The trick is to ride a really crappy bike. One hour of riding needs to feel like 3. If you have a bike that does the opposite, you'll get island fever. Also check out my friends blog "Blog of Sotwers", she has a nice section on bike porn. (No, it's not about sex, but bikes she drools over.) http://blogofstowers.blogspot.com/