Trying Not To Panic

It's about midnight and I can't sleep because I'm thinking of all of the things I need to get arranged and coordinated before I go and all of the things that are getting left in the air after I leave.

JF has applied for a couple of jobs on the island but hasn't heard anything yet. We figured there was no way we would go at the same time but at this point, we don't know if he's going at all. That's not THAT big of a problem but way back in July when I started all of this, he got excited and started talking about it at his work. Well his boss figured he was leaving so he hired someone to replace him already! Now he's getting pressure for a date when he will be leaving and he doesn't even have a job lined up. If it goes anything like my job, it could be another 6 months or more.

There is a ton of stuff he needs to do before he goes but without even knowing if he's going it makes it kind of hard. Unlike me, he's not as open to selling all his stuff and getting rid of his dogs if he doesn't have to. I had the advantage of non-attachment going for me there.

I have to re-sell the car. I have a motorcycle that JF is still riding that is in my name and I don't know how to deal with that without leaving a signed title here in Montana. That makes me uncomfortable.

I need to see about getting a power of attorney set up so someone can deal with stuff for me while I'm gone. My problem there is I have no family nearby and my closest friend is 100 miles from here. And how close are we when she still doesn't even know about this whole thing? I'm going to have to ask another friend but I feel like it's a lot to ask of her. I've always been self sufficient but there is no way I'm going to be able to pull all of this off on my own. I also have no idea how much power a power of attorney really has. Can they sign a car title for me?

All of this stuff is driving me crazy. It's mainly fueled by my not knowing a time line or how much control I am going to have over my departure date. I really hope they call tomorrow and ease my pain.

HR should have received my paperwork on Friday but when I called to see if it had arrived, I was told to call back Monday as there was no one in the office to verify.

Getting this out has helped me to relax a bit......I know I just need to not worry about it and it will all work out but there is a lot I don't have control over. Like what JF is and isn't going to do after I'm gone. That's tough for me. I could clean up stuff he left behind if I were here, but I can't when I'm thousands of miles away. Not that I clean up after him typically, it's just that this is my house and my responsibility and I have to trust that it will be taken care of like I would want it taken care of.

Oh well, we'll see what happens I guess. *Fingers crossed*


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Good lord...I'm now nervous for you!! So much to do and so much to trust WILL get done. Scary but exciting at the same time.

Maybe the big girl panties that help you get through my MM posts will help you get through this too!!

Just wear them all the time!!

Hallie :)

rrr said...

That's exactly what I needed to hear!
Thank you.

Just wear them all the time!!
I love it!