Happy Kwaj Kitty

I thought Rick was going to hate it here. He was an outside cat and was only in the house to eat usually. I figured he would go so stir crazy I would be sorry I brought him.

For the first couple of weeks he did try to get out but I would put him on the leash (OSAKA regulations you know) and take him outside with varied results, mostly discontent. After he caught on to outside = leash, he stopped wanting to go so much. He also acted like the wind bugged him quite a bit. I'm on the windy side of the island.

Now, he seems quite content to hang out in the sun, we play quite a bit and I think he's a happy cat. What do you think?


<3Lani said...

i'm glad you're enjoying kwajalein. i miss all your comments. (:
heres the address to the new blog just in case you wanted it (:

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the address Lani. I'll check it out. Thanks for following my adventure.

The Radio Guy Extraordinare said...

He's a cute kitty!!