JF Is Not Coming

For those of you who are interested and maybe so I'll stop getting questions about it.....JF has decided not to obtain employment on Kwajalein and has decided to focus his energy toward his career back home.

Since I have decided to stay here for at least four or five years and will be heading to a new exotic location after Kwaj rather than returning home.....I think you get the idea.

This was decided about a month or so ago, I just figured it was time to let everyone know.


AlphaSigOU said...

Bummer... I'm just waiting on paperwork, physical and pack-out before I go to Kwaj.

Rebecca said...

It's part of what happens when you move so far away I guess.
Make sure you say hi when you get here.
Another person that reads this blog came out here and left before I ever got to say hi. Unusual circumstances but I was dissapointed.
Good luck and safe travels.

AlphaSigOU said...

No worries... I'll let you know as soon as I get a 'port call' date.