This Weekend Has Been a Blast

I can hardly believe it but I forgot to take any pictures at all this weekend!

The first thing I have to say is WOW! The fireworks show here on Kwaj was most impressive. The whole show was like most grand finales I'm used to seeing, and the grand finale....WOW!

Pretty much the whole island was on the beach watching as the fireworks were launched from a barge about 200 yards off the shore. My favorite firework was the one that exploded into a star shape. Amazing.

Sailing was on the agenda and got foiled again by the doldrums. Darn the luck! I ended up renting the party barge and drumming up a handful of people to go snorkeling over by the Prinz Eugen shipwreck near Carlson island. That was impressive.

While we were snorkeling though, the mooring ball we had attached the boat to broke and the boat drifted to shore. I've never swam so far so fast in my life. Some Marshallese islanders that live on Carlson caught it and held it until I could get it going and back out to a safe anchoring spot. That was pretty exciting. Excitement I would prefer not to have again however.

It's been a great weekend so far, I still have today off as well; I think it will be a quiet one though. I can't believe I don't have any pictures! Next time.


AlphaSigOU said...

Looking forward to going to Kwaj... I think the inprocessing must be running on Kwaj time! :)

Rebecca said...

Call your HR person....a lot.

I found out that the people arranging my physical had the wrong email address after waiting a month....don't wait.

Find out what the next part of the process is and ask if there is someone you can call for a status update.

AlphaSigOU said...

Paperwork is on its way hopefully no later than tomorrow or Thursday. I will hammer 'em if there are any delays.

Peter said...

As someone who just went through the process (just waiting on packing and tickets now, supposed to be on the island on the 11th but who knows if I'll make it), I was amazed at how stop and go the process was. There'd be parts where I'd have documents turned around in less than 48 hours and then there'd be the waiting a few weeks to hear anything from anyone.

With any luck my ordeal will be over quite soon (and I'll be there to watch the upcoming launch).

Thanks for the blog, it's been really interesting taking a peek into life on the island.

AlphaSigOU said...

Finally got my offer paperwork and all the related inprocessing things to go along with it! Turning them around to HR in Huntsville as soon as everything's completed. They estimate around 30 days or so before 'port call' but as we all know that could stretch if there are any snags during processing.

How 'bout "Es lo que es" for your boat name? ('It is what it is' in Spanish :))

Rebecca said...

I take it you know someone who is one of my Facebook friends?
I didn't post the boat name thing on this blog.
Thank you for the suggestion...I always imagine calling in to the marina when I'm choosing a name and the "Es lo que es" name is a mouthful.....
See you when you get here.

Peter said...

The boat name was from your twitter feed which is posted on the main page of your blog.

An idea I had for the name was "C'est la Vie", which is French for "That is Life" also used in English for "Such is life" or any number of variations on that. If you wanted to go for some corny nautical humor you could name the boat "Sail la Vie" since it's a similar sounding word.

I got a call from HR today saying they should know my arrival date on the island tomorrow and get me tickets early next week. I'm looking forward to it.

Rebecca said...

I forgot about the Twitter feed.

C'est la vie is already out here. It's too bad because I really liked it.

I'm thinking Dharma- translation: what is right for the self

AlphaSigOU said...

No biggie... paperwork's back on its way to Huntsville!

Looking forward to meeting 'all y'all' (as they say in Texas) when I get to Kwaj!