My Only Possesion

When I found out I was coming to Kwajalein, I sold everything. The car, the house, the motorcycle, the furniture, and most of my clothes. I came here debt free and owning nothing but a cat. It's a great place to be.

Since then, I've learned how to sail and since you can't take rental boats in the evening or on overnight trips I decided to purchase a boat.

It's a CAL 20 sailboat. It came with a dinghy, a boat shed, and it's in great condition.

Sailing is a blast and now I don't have to ask anyone to use their boat, I can just go when I want to.


AlphaSigOU said...

Nice boat!

Leo said...

I'm so jealous. Gratz!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Now if the doldrums would just move on...I'm getting out of practice.

AlphaSigOU said...

Just cleared medical and BI for Kwaj. Will be getting a final packout and ship date by Wednesday of next week (my handler is on vacation Monday and Tuesday). Pushing for an on-island date of August 15. Looking forward to Kwaj!

AlphaSigOU said...

Oh... I forgot! :) Started a blog of my own - kwajdrafter.blogspot.com .