Bicycle Update

You may remember during the packing and planning process, I decided to bring the bike I already owned with me to Kwaj. Everyone said it was going to get ruined and I knew that. I had seen pictures of Bicycle Heaven; the rusty pile of bikes in the Kwaj dump. What was I going to do, buy a new one that also will rust and die?

I've had my current bicycle for about 10 years. It's a mountain bike that I mostly rode on city streets except for about 4 times when I actually went mountain biking on it. I've never been a big bike rider; I prefer to walk or hike.

Anyhoo, I'm pretty surprised at how well it's been holding up for me. I've only had to replace one brake cable, the kickstand and the foot pedals. The kickstand and the foot pedals was because the wind knocked the bike over (many times) and they broke, and the brake cable was from rust. The chain is rusty, the bolts and a few random parts but overall, it's doing quite well.

Some people take their bikes into their rooms, others grease and sand and otherwise fully maintain their bikes on a regular basis. Me? I spray it down with silicone spray or penetrating fluid every so often and I'm good to go. I could get more serious about it but I'm happy with the overall effort/result ratio. I'll keep you posted on any "breaking" news on the bike as time goes on.

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