Anybody Got A Bucket?

Every so often, something happens here that makes me feel like we're really living the game Survivor. Obviously it's not quite as harsh as that but things that can happen in normal cities affect us much differently.

Losing power here is pretty serious. Not only does it knock out our air conditioning but our refrigeration which can cause our limited supply of food to go bad if it lasts long enough. You can't just bring more in on the drop of a hat like in the States. What you can end up with is a salad bar with strange mix of canned foods, but no actual salad.

Delayed shipments of food and consumables can cause problems too. Not too long ago we ran out of toilet paper and paper towels. I'm talking island wide; fortunately we had plenty at home but I'm sure someone got caught without any at some point.

And we've also experienced the equivalent of a water main break. No toilet flushing for 4 to 10 hours! Yikes! (Makes one wish they were a guy and could just sidle up to a palm tree. Unless of course you are one.)

Now you know why it's called "Almost Paradise". ;)


AlphaSigOU said...

Agree with you 100% on your last post... the little things we take for granted elsewhere become major annoyances here on the island when they go wrong. It's no wonder people have taken hoarding to a fine art here... ya never know when you have to horse-trade! :)

The Radio Guy Extraordinare said...

Walkin up to a tree, droppin trou and wizzing is fun.. lol

But trust me, I know what its like to run out of necessities.. and be in a "civilized" place where you can just run out and get them.. thats bad enough!