It's Not Logical.....It's KWAJICAL!

The title of this post if from a t-shirt available at the AAFES store here on Kwaj. It's in reference to the fact that not everything makes sense here. There are a lot of decisions made and actions taken around here that can leave you scratching your head and asking, "Why?".

Sometimes it seems that people forget that we are not like every other city out there, that Kwaj is unique and what applies in other places does not necessarily apply here. I like to joke that I live in the Twilight Zone.

Unfortunately, my blog is monitored by the powers that be so I will not be siting any specific examples.


Anonymous said...

We're watching you...

AlphaSigOU said...

Agreed... I'm also circumspect in the entries I put in my blog. You never know who's reading them.

Rebecca said...

I was actually confronted about my blog during the hiring process. I thought it was going to keep me from getting the job.

I guess it's common practice for KRS to monitor the web to make sure they aren't getting bad mouthed.

I never posted anything that wasn't true but I toned it down after that.

AlphaSigOU said...

It may have been part of the process of getting a security clearance. I wasn't asked about mine, but then my current job doesn't require one. I'm pretty sure I may be asked that question if I do come up for one in the near future.

People have lost clearances for having unreported 'foreign national' contacts on FB and other social media... the bad guys are getting really getting clever at gleaning information from postings.

I guess it really depends on how high the clearance one winds up getting. And in these days where security gets 'agita' over careless online talk, you never know what their reaction might be.