Small Craft Advisory

For the last four days there has been no boating on Kwajalein or Roi-Namur. We've been experiencing steady, heavy winds that have resulted in waves on the lagoon around 5 feet and up to 10 feet on the ocean side!

I was all set to race in the sailboat race on Sunday but decided against it after seeing the small craft advisory. As a private boat owner, you have the option of boating during the advisory if you think you can handle it. Rentals are not allowed out at all when the red flag is flying.

A couple of larger sailboats attempted the race course but went back in shortly after and one even ripped his main sail! I'm glad me and my green crew didn't chance it, we would have gotten beat up for sure.

If you think the boating conditions are bad, try riding your bike in wind like this! It's a real challenge.

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