If You Have A Small Boat In The Water

I received this notification this afternoon:


Amidst a low-level trough near the Ratak Chain, a closed circulation has developed at the surface this afternoon. Current satellite and radar imagery show a large complex of cumulonimbus clouds and thunderstorms primarily south of the circulation, with other scattered activity having already developed in and around Kwajalein Atoll. This system is expected to move to the west-northwest through the evening and overnight hours, bringing a wide swath of precipitation, occasionally heavy, and a few embedded thunderstorms to the area. Winds around cyclonic circulations move counterclockwise, so a track to the north of the atoll means winds are expected to become northwesterly and even westerly tonight into early tomorrow. This will be especially the case over the northern atoll, which will be closer to the center of circulation. A West Wind Warning is likely for Roi-Namur, possible for Kwajalein Island, perhaps as early as 2200 tonight, with the threat of west winds lingering through tomorrow morning. The system track and winds in the atoll will be monitored closely. The chances for precipitation over Kwajalein Atoll are 30% today, increasing to 80% this evening through tonight. Combined seas in the open ocean will be 3-4 ft.

I stopped and asked one of my friends what this meant; what was I supposed to do? He said pray.

The problem is the wind normally comes out of the NE, now it will be coming from the west which means the boats will swing a full 180 and if there are any weak spots in your mooring, you may lose your boat! Yikes! I just have to hope for the best.


AmyP said...

I remember the west winds. We didn't have a boat. Back then, for us, it meant Ebeye's trash washing up on Emon, because they dumped it in the water, yuck! Diapers, etc... Good luck with your boat!

Rebecca said...

We still get a lot of trash from Ebeye. We occasionally see what we call "diaperfish" or sometimes "Pamperfish".

While standing on the dock waiting for the ferry on Ebeye, I think I watched almost every person throw trash into the water. Crazy.