Lebowski Fest on Roi Namur

This is our big event for the weekend:
Come as your favorite character or just bring a float and relax in the pool. There will be marmot flinging, the sheriff of Malibu coffee cup toss, the ringer toss, and the Valkyrie ring toss. A special performance by "Shelley and the Restraining Orders" will happen at 8 p.m. To be followed immediately by a pool side showing of "The Big Lebowski"

Marmot flinging? I haven't seen the movie but I have to get in on that!

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AlphaSigOU said...

The Lebowski fest on Roi was fun; got bumped off an earlier flight on the 'sewer pipe of death' (aka our Metroliner fixed-wing shuttle between Roi and Kwaj) but managed to get on the last flight of the day.

While there was plenty of beer, white Russians (ahem, Caucasians) and 'Braino' (trashcan punch) it was somewhat lively in and around the Roi pool. A local band composed of Roi Rats (a badge of honor proudly worn by residents of Roi-Namur) played for a while before the movie started.

Roi parties are legendary for degenerating into wanton drunken debauchery but after the film everyone packed up and either went home or continued to party elsewhere on the island.

Returned back to Kwaj on the 1205 flight from Roi.