Waiting For A Ride

Here are the Huey's loaded onto rail-cars and waiting for the next barge off of Kwaj.
This was the first (and only so far) helicopter I've gotten to ride in.
These are the same helicopters my Dad flew in in Vietnam. They've been around longer than I have; its kind of sad to see them go. The new ones are orange and kind of ugly but I wouldn't pass up a ride in them if I were given the opportunity!

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AlphaSigOU said...

Farewell to the Hueys: 240 (all olive drab green), 447 (white fuselage and olive drab green tail boom) and 382 (olive with a white top; the nicest-looking of the bunch). Flew on 240 in December to Illeginni and back for a site audit. Gonna miss them literally beating the air into submission whenever they flew.

The 'flying pumpkins' just don't sound as menacing as a Huey.