Sticking Around For Awhile

Well, I did it.

I signed the contract form to continue my employment on Kwaj on what is commonly known here as "rolling 90's". This means the next time I'm eligible to leave is July as long as I provide 90 days notice; after that October, then January and so on. Of course, the company always has the option to end the contract at any time but that's nothing new.

So, a few more months of sailing, snorkeling and island exploration for me! Oh, and work. Did I forget to mention that?


Terry said...

Post lots of pictures the next few months for those of us freezing in the states!

AlphaSigOU said...

I've pretty much decided to go with the 'rolling 90s' option when it comes time to renew my contract. My original 2-year commitment expires in August, so I should be expecting some paperwork by April or May. It gives me more flexibility to pull 'the loud handle' when I tire of this island paradise.

I'm looking to stick around another 2-3 years here, unless 'transition' occurs and my job moves to Huntsville. And I'll only consider a move there if the relocation package is sweet.

vgtz said...

Wow that's great because me loves your kwaj blog! :)