Hobie Cat Sailing

I got to do something today I haven't done in 30 years! Might as well say I've never done it since the first time, I was a kid and didn't get to participate much and it was nothing like what we did today.....

This is what I got to do today:
This picture isn't from today but we were definitely at this angle a few times. I can pretty much guarantee that any Hobie Cat pictures you see were not taken by people on Hobie Cats. You are far too busy to take pictures and there is no place to keep anything without it flying off the boat.

What fun it was! I never expected it to be so fun. I'm thinking this is my new challenge, learn how to sail it, not just be crew.

I also learned how to recover after it capsized. That was also pretty fun. I couldn't find any pictures of that but I found this one which I thought was pretty funny:


Terry said...

Way cool!

Anonymous said...

Upper picture: Low-performance rotomolded Hobie.

Lower picture: High-performance fiberglass Hobie.

Difference: Night and Day.

Get yourself onto a fast cat (as opposed to one of those indestructable resort rentals) - especially one with a trapeze rig - and your religious conversion will be complete.

Neil said...

Great Pics! Does anyone know where i can get a copy of that "Motivational Pic" titles "Panache"?

Rebecca said...

I think it came from Motifake.com.