Another Unknown

OK, here's another one for all you past Kwaj residents or maybe even someone who was involved in developing this.....

There is a channel/trench/culvert(?) that runs approximately 2 blocks from the corner near the Small Boat Marina and lagoon road, near the AAFES warehouse. Some of you may not recognize this shot since there is a building missing just to the right of where the bus is. It was torn down last year.
When the tide is really high, this channel fills up and there can even be some random fish swimming around in there. It appears to dead-end under the AAFES warehouse.

Does anyone know what this is for?

There is another one that runs near the fuel pier and ends just as mysteriously kind of in a field. I'm very curious; it's not to prevent flooding of some kind is it? That doesn't really make any sense...

I can't wait to hear your ideas.

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Terry said...

This structure was built after I left in 66. I don't remember it, and neither does my brother. I'm still in touch with my jr high Kwaj boyfriend, and he's sure it wasn't there when we lived on Kwaj.