Do You Know Where Flies Sleep?

I do!

Well, not all of them maybe.....

The other night I was out walking my cat. Yes; cat. It is against USAKA regulation for any animal to be outside unless they are on a leash. Just to clarify, you don't walk a cat, a cat walks you. If I even try to decide where we are going, the cat will do nothing but lay down and has to be carried back to the house. Also, he will never return to the house on his own....I can only let him wander as far as I'm willing to carry his 16 pound butt back to the house!

But I digress...

So I was out walking my cat, which is not a brisk event; there is a lot of exploring that happens....when I noticed that there were several flies (like houseflies) clinging to the ends of a palm frond. Next palm, same thing. Almost every palm tree I came to had at least a few flies attached to it.

We always talk about how the flies "go to bed" after the sun goes down around here but I didn't really think of where they may be going. I kind of half thought they were like the sun, when they go to bed here they are just getting started in some other part of the world. So I Googled it. http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/604566.html

I tried to take a picture but it's kind of difficult because of the wind. The palm trees won't hold still and by the time I get close enough the flies are on to me and take off. If I ever manage to capture one on film, I'll make sure to post it.


Anonymous said...

I love it!Such a good question and an good answer.Thank you!

Christopher said...

I may be getting a job out there, im waiting to hear back. What would be something I should bring other than the usual. As in something critical or rare or just useful?

I think a good bike maybe would be one.