Japan Earthquake Unleashes Tsunami *UPDATED*

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii has widened its tsunami warning to cover most of the Pacific Ocean, including Russia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific coast of South America.

Read the full article regarding the tragedy in Japan here.

There have been at least three tsunami warnings since I've been here this last two years, maybe even four. So far none of them have amounted to much of anything but a high tide.

The risk of a tsunami on Kwaj is pretty much nil, as the drop off from the shore to the ocean floor is severe, and the shock waves from a quake would be slowed down as they approached.

However, a siren is now blaring but I don't know what it means.....good thing my bed is on the second floor!

**All is well here, no wave action to speak of. Thank you all for your concern.**


Anonymous said...

Any updates on for kwaj

Anonymous said...

Any updates my brother is on ebeye and were trying to find out any details on the tsunami. Hopefully it will be nothing

Mindy said...

Good to know the tsunami has been uneventful there and everyone is okay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates about the tsunami and Kwaj. I'm always concerned about how you all fare out there. From an alumni from the 60s.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the update. Though I wasn't too worried because I knew the chances of something like that happening on the island is rare due to the coral shelf that the islands are sitting on which basically would cut the top of the waves off and cause them to crash at the end of the reef. But it's good to know that mother nature has once again protected the little island.

Cindy Alexander said...

I'm so glad to read this! Greetings from Cindy Alexander & Band mates who visited through Armed Forces Entertainment in January of 2007. We were concerned about everyone on the islands and are wishing you and your families our best.
A big hug from California,


Nancy said...

Nancy from Las Cruces, NM concerned about friends, Cindy and Larry Brooks. Glad to read that all is A-ok there. Such a terrible and tragic event. May you all continue to remain safe.

Anonymous said...

I was a CB stationed on Kwaj 1952-1953.

We had two tsunami warnings during that period.

I'm gald to hear that everyone is safe.

Ed, from Ca;ifornia.

joseph said...

to ed from california, the cb who was on kwaj during 1952-53. i was there at that time too. also a seabee. write me--reinhardt.joseph@gmail.com
was also wondering how the rock made out after the tsunami.

Skid River said...

What about Radiation Fall-Out? Any warnings or monitoring?