What Do You Think?

Is it time for a new fender?

Yeah, I thought so too. But do you think there are any in the store here? No!
I'll have to try and get one in Honolulu on my way through for vacation in a few weeks.


AmyP said...

Ah, Kwaj condition bikes. Yours is a beauty! My husband once rode his bike for a week without a seat; while he waited for a seat post to come in the mail. It had totally rusted out and broken. I also rode my bike for a few months without pedals; just the spikey things that stick out. Which by the way are contstantly spinning, and would make my feet fly off every few revolution. My bike would also fall over on the patio, and leave a pile of rust shavings behind. The good old days...before car payments :)

vgtz said...

Ha ha "Kwaj condition," amazing! Was this a new fender when you got there (approximately) two years ago? Great picture thanks for sharing it... :)